If you purchase a recreational vehicle, it becomes your temporary home while you travel. It is therefore important to protect your investment with RV insurance. If you are a first-time RV owner, you may have questions about this kind of coverage. Below are answers to some common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About RV Insurance

What perils does it cover?

RV insurance covers a lot. For instance, collision coverage covers accident damage, while comprehensive coverage pays for non-collision losses due to fire, floods, vandalism, and theft. 

Liability coverage pays for losses to other people—like medical care and property damage—if you are responsible for an accident. Medical payments coverage pays for doctor and hospital care if you or your passengers are injured.

What other coverage is available?

RV insurance

Some insurers offer full-timers' liability, which is useful if your recreational vehicle acts as your permanent residence. Loss assessment coverage helps pay for shared costs that your RV park assesses you to pay for damages to shared areas of the park. You should also purchase a separate policy that covers any trailer or towed vehicle. 

What factors affect premium cost?

Premium cost varies based on the amount you use the RV (full-time costs more), as well as its age, and your driving history. A history of accidents and speeding tickets will increase your rate. So will a history of bad credit, such as late payments, bankruptcy, and charge-offs.

How can you reduce your payment?

Insurers provide preferential rates to people who store their RV in a safe location. Those who display responsible driving habits and credit use also benefit. So do those who have not filed previous insurance claims. Some insurers offer discounts to non-smokers and for a brand new rig. 

Ask about the first owner discount. You can reduce monthly payments by agreeing to a higher deductible, or the amount you must contribute to repairs before the insurer must pay, when you file a claim. Finally, ask if you qualify for a bundle discount if you purchase more than one policy from the same provider.

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