Many seniors require assistance with daily activities but understandably want to remain in their own familiar living space. In such cases, 24/7 in-home care is often the best solution. With a caregiver who’s available around-the-clock, you can maintain peace of mind by knowing your loved one is looked after at all times. Discover some specific advantages of choosing a care service that provides 24/7 support below.

5 Noteworthy Advantages of 24/7 In-Home Care

1. Reduced Injury Risk

Oftentimes, older adults experience mobility challenges as they age. Navigating a dark hallway to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night or attempting to reach an item on a high shelf can introduce injury risk. An in-home caregiver can assist seniors with these needs to prevent falls and other injuries.

2. Proper Nutrition

24/7 in-home careSometimes, elderly individuals may begin to slip with their nutrition. They may not have the energy to prepare healthy meals for themselves, and issues like malnourishment and dehydration can emerge. Fortunately, caregivers can assist with meal prep to ensure they’re maintaining well-rounded nutrition.

3. Personal Hygiene Assistance

The aforementioned mobility challenges, along with debilitating conditions, can make it difficult for seniors to stay on track with bathing, getting dressed, and other daily activities. Caregivers excel in overseeing the personal hygiene needs of their clients while maintaining dignity and respect.

4. Ability to Maintain Activities

Many seniors are drawn to the idea of living at home because it allows them to maintain their regular routine. From having guests stop by to birdwatching in the backyard, the home environment supports the lifestyle they know and love. A caregiver can provide further assistance to help them maintain their favorite pastimes. 

5. Ongoing Companionship

Social isolation can take its toll on seniors’ mental and physical health, and loneliness can be as detrimental to one’s health as smoking and obesity. An in-home caregiver doesn’t just provide ongoing physical support; they can also offer the social interaction seniors need to promote quality of life.

If you’re considering 27/7 in-home care for your loved one, turn to Home Helpers of Hoover in Birmingham, AL. This team of caregivers offers personalized in-home solutions to ensure they receive comprehensive care, including personal, companion, and dementia care services. Find out more about how they could help your loved one online or call (205) 978-3809 to speak with a team member.