The COVID-19 pandemic has, within a few months, impacted nearly every country in the world, including the United States. For families of elderly individuals and others with significant health concerns, the coronavirus has sparked a considerable amount of anxiety. The good news is healthcare professionals, including the caregivers at Home Helpers® of Hoover in Birmingham, AL, are doing their utmost to protect these vulnerable populations. Here is what this in-home care agency and its parent company, Everyday Home Helpers Home Care®, are doing to keep clients safe. 

How COVID-19 Affects Vulnerable Populations 

COVID-19 is indiscriminately affecting people of all ages and backgrounds around the globe. Most people who contract the virus experience mild symptoms like those from a seasonal cold or flu, including fever, aches, fatigue, and shortness of breath. But for others, it can be deadly, resulting in acute respiratory failure. As reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the elderly and people with underlying conditions or compromised immune systems are at higher risk of developing a severe and potentially life-threatening infection. Fortunately, with the help of responsible caregivers, seniors can stay healthy and safe.

What Caregivers Are Doing

caregiver-birmingham-ALEveryday Home Helpers Home Care® is helping seniors and other high-risk populations stay safe by continuing caregiving support while allowing these individuals to stay quarantined safely at home. CEO Emma Dickison recently shared that, in conjunction with the CDC and Home Care Association of America (HCAOA), the in-home senior care agency has trained all its employees to recognize symptoms of COVID-19. The staff has also been trained in how to prevent the spread of the disease. This includes frequent hand-washing, routine disinfection of the home environment, and daily examinations to monitor clients for symptoms. The staff is also instructed in social distancing protocols, and caregivers routinely check in with the agency to ensure management is aware of clients’ health statuses.


Home Helpers of Hoover provides a range of in-home health care services for seniors as well as new moms and expecting parents and individuals recuperating from surgery or illness. If your family needs a caregiver in Jefferson County, turn to these trustworthy, compassionate professionals. Call (205) 978-3809 to speak with a helpful staff member about your needs. Or visit the website to learn more about their 24/7 in-home care services.