Unlike Alzheimer's disease that is present in individuals over the age of 65, people as young as 45 can show signs of younger-onset Alzheimer’s. Early detection is important to ensure your loved one receives proper Alzheimer's care. Use this guide to help you recognize the premature signs of this disease.

What Are the Symptoms of Early-Onset Alzheimer's?

1. Forgetfulness & Memory Loss

Bouts of forgetfulness can be common in individuals of any age, but frequent forgetfulness or lapses in memory might indicate something more serious. If your loved one often forgets what they're doing, how they got where they are, or what they were saying mid-sentence, they may be in the initial stages of developing the disease. Talk with their doctor about the possibility of early memory decline.

2. Personality Changes & Mood Swings

alzheimer's careDisplaying atypical signs of confusion, depression, or anxiety can be a sign of early-onset Alzheimer’s. Someone exhibiting these symptoms may withdraw from activities they once enjoyed, or complain about being too tired to take on responsibilities they used to manage with ease.

While aging or other forms of illness can also be at play, persistent mood swings, fearfulness, and apathy are worth discussing with your loved one and their physician. 

3. Difficulty Making Decisions

It's common for individuals with various forms of memory loss to struggle with decision making. They might make extravagant purchases, fall victim to email scams, or neglect personal hygiene and housework.

Simple decisions, like what to make for dinner or what to wear, might easily frustrate someone, causing them to avoid eating or changing their clothes because they can't decide what to wear. If you observe this behavior in someone close to you, consult an Alzheimer's care specialist to ensure they receive the assistance they need.


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