Whether it's caused by a flat tire, pothole, battery issues, or something else entirely, if your car breaks down, it's best to call in a tow truck. They can help you with basic roadside assistance or haul your vehicle to your preferred auto body shop. Whatever the service may be, here are a few aspects to keep in mind while waiting for them to arrive.


Move your car to a safe and highly visible spot.

To protect the traffic flow and prevent accidents, always move your car to the shoulder whenever possible. If there's a vehicle speeding on these bends, they may not see your car and could potentially hit it, so avoid parking near a curve in the road. Turn on your hazard lights, and if you have them, place reflective safety markers, flags, or cones in front and behind your car. 

Stay inside your car.

tow truck

Once you've made the call to the towing company, stay put, ideally inside your car, with the door locked. Doing so ensures you don't miss the tow truck arriving. It also prevents potential scammers from conning you. It's okay if you need to leave your car to get reception to make the call, but afterward, try not to wander around your vehicle. 


Leave your paperwork.

Another reason to stay inside your car while you're waiting is that you'll need to collect any necessary paperwork. Make sure you have the vehicle's registration, your driver's license, and insurance card. If you're a member of a roadside assistance program, have that ready as well.

Wear out your cell phone battery.

If you have everything sorted right away, avoid the temptation to spend time on your phone checking social media or playing games. Instead, make the necessary calls you need and then find something else to do. You'll need that battery in case the towing company needs help locating your vehicle. If you have a portable power bank for devices like your phone, then feel free to use it while you wait.


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