Electrolysis is a permanent and effective method of hair removal that can be performed on any area of the body. Once you find a specialist certified in the technique, the next step is to get ready for the first appointment. Here’s what you should do to achieve the best results.

4 Tips to Get Ready for Your First Electrolysis Session

1. Stay Hydrated

Smooth, hydrated skin makes the hair removal process easier and more effective. Make sure to drink plenty of water the week leading up to the appointment. This may be a habit you want to continue even after treatment to combat dry, flaky skin and maintain a radiant glow.

2. Remove Cosmetic Products


Cosmetics like makeup, creams, lotions, and deodorants tend to clog up pores. This can make the electrologist’s job a bit harder. 

Remove all products prior to treatment to leave your pores as clean and clear as possible. Wash the skin with unscented soap, and rub toner over the area with a cotton pad to remove dead skin cells. 

3. Reduce Sun Exposure

Spending too much time in the sun can damage the skin, increasing sensitivity and often causing sunburns. Undergoing electrolysis hair removal after excessive sun exposure will make the skin extra sensitive. It's common to experience some discomfort and irritation in the area after treatment, but you can minimize the effects by protecting the skin with sunscreen and full coverage.

4. Avoid Temporary Hair Removal

For smooth and efficient electrolysis treatment, there should be some hair growth above the surface of the skin. Stop temporary hair removal techniques before the appointment. Avoid shaving in the week leading to the session, and don’t wax or pluck for at least two to three weeks before.

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