A Guide to Bikini Hair Removal

How long does the procedure take?

Since it can only remove small patches at once, electrolysis will often take about a year or two to complete. Timelines vary with every client and situation, but you can see your electrologist on a weekly/bi-weekly basis until the process is complete.

What hair should be removed?

Each client is different and is comfortable with different amounts of hair removed.  The removal can be as simple as just the bikini line or may be as complete as a full Brazilian.  

hair removal

Do men have bikini hair removed?

The short answer is, YES!  Every day, it is becoming more commonplace for men to remove hair from their bikini area.  Some men suffer from ingrown hair, which can be very painful in this area.  On the other hand, some men just prefer the cleanliness that comes with a Brazilian cleaning of their bikini area.  Whichever category best fits you, Hair Today Gone Tomorrow is able to help with your specific hair removal needs.

Is it painful?

As the groin is a very sensitive area of the body, most people do report some discomfort during the process but no lasting pain. It’s often recommended to schedule a test session to determine how painful it might be for you. This will allow you to plan the session lengths accordingly. Also, talk to your electrologist about a numbing cream or injection that can help with the process.

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