Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Electrolysis & Med Spa has always been the perfect place for your electrolysis and Botox® needs. Now, it's even better with a newly remodeled office that will make your experience even more luxurious. 

Why Expand?


Don't worry, we are still located in the same building.  We moved down to the 2nd floor to Suite 200.  This larger space allows you to feel more comfortable and is easier to follow COVID safety guidelines. The expansion includes larger waiting areas, more treatment rooms, and expanded hallways. It also allows the office to focus on serving everyone's needs, including a handicap-accessible checkout desk.  

What Does It Change About Your Experience?

Instead of single person checkout at a time, there is now room for four to checkout simultaneously. This means wait times are substantially shortened. We also added an additional treatment room for Botox® and electrolysis.

We are excited to share that included in our expansion, we added a training room. This will provide the electrologists and staff with more training opportunities throughout the year to improve their skills and techniques.   Further, we have the opportunity to train the next generation of electrologists.  This allows us to provide top of the line services for our current and future clients.  Looking for a career change?  Love what electrolysis has done for you?  Give us a call and we can discuss your future with Hair Today Gone Tomorrow.

Are There Other New Features?

An Instagram-worthy updated look inside includes tinted windows for added privacy and TVs in every room, providing entertainment options during long electrolysis sessions.  The new additions are designed to make your experience more comfortable.  


For permanent hair removal, turn to the experts at Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Electrolysis & Med Spa in Dallas, TX. Their updated office features a perfect design for your comfort and needs. The new office is in the same building but in a new suite, #200. For information on their grand opening, call (682) 593-1442 or visit them online to learn more about what they offer.