With Mother's Day fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking of ways to show your appreciation for your loved one. Although flowers are thoughtful, electrolysis can be a more useful and lasting gift. After the hair removal procedure, they'll no longer have to go through the time-consuming process of shaving or waxing. Here is a guide to giving this gift to someone special while avoiding common faux pas. 


Take their desires into account.

Although you might have had electrolysis treatment, don't automatically assume your intended recipient wants it, too. You can politely broach the topic to gauge whether it will be an appropriate gift. For instance, start by mentioning why you opted for this non-invasive procedure, such as freedom from skin irritation due to waxing and shaving. If your loved one mentions their desire to curb problems with body hair, take this as a sign to go ahead and get them a gift certificate. 

Research the process. 


If your loved one is not familiar with electrolysis, they might be anxious to try the treatment. You can put their nervousness aside by letting them know what to expect. Start by letting them know the process isn't painful. Rather than removing hair from the surface, it involves using electrical currents to kill the root and prevent regrowth. 


Just look for the best deal.

You might find online ads for electrolysis treatment at discounted rates, but be wary of a clinic with rates that seem well below the industry standard. This could mean the staff does not follow the proper procedures or uses subpar equipment. To avoid this concern, look for customer reviews of different clinics online and make sure they use FDA-approved hair removal devices and take the proper safety measures. 

Give the gift in front of other people.

Although your mom might be excited to receive your present, it's best to give her the gift certificate when you are enjoying private time together. Some people are sensitive about their body hair, so you don't want to unintentionally embarrass her in front of family members and friends. If you plan to attend a Mother's Day celebration, you might think about giving her flowers or a card at the event and save the gift certificate for later.


Whether you want electrolysis treatment for yourself or a loved one, reach out to Hair Today Gone Tomorrow. Serving residents in North Texas since 2011, the certified technicians at this Dallas-based med spa only use FDA-approved products to perform arm, back, and facial hair removal. See clients' before and after photos online, and call (682) 593-1442 to inquire about gift certificates.