Screened-in patios, also known as screen rooms, can add value to your property in many ways. These unique spaces combine outdoor living and the security of four walls. With durable screens to keep the elements out, you and your family can enjoy a bright, airy environment without pests. Here are a few ways this addition can increase the value of your home.  

Why You Should Invest in a Screen Room for Your Home

1. Increased Resale Value

If you plan to sell your home in the future, having your patio screened in could allow you to list your property at a higher price. Depending on your location and other factors such as the size and cost of the job, you could expect to recoup as much as 75% of the cost of the project when you sell your home.

2. Added Space for Hobbies

screen roomIn addition to the monetary value of a screen room, this space can also provide functional value. Hobbies and crafts such as painting and exercising require a fair amount of space, and you may not have the room to accommodate them in your home’s interior. Screened-in patios are also well-suited for entertaining and play time for kids.

3. Reduced Electric Bills

Lighting accounts for 15% of electricity consumption. Activities such as reading the newspaper and crafting require ample light. Instead of using your home’s electricity, you can use the natural sunlight in your screen room. You also won’t have to worry about rain, insects, or other outdoor conditions disrupting you. As a result, this could help you save on your electric bills.


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