If you have a sweet tooth, you likely already have National Cookie Day marked on your calendar. Held on December 4 every year, this is the perfect excuse to indulge in your favorite treats. For your dentist, however, this holiday—alongside Halloween—can mean a lot of extra visits. Here are some tips for enjoying your tasty treats, without damaging your teeth.

Your Guide to a Healthy National Cookie Day

1. Steer Clear of Caramel

Caramel is extremely sticky, making it very difficult to clean off your teeth. It will leave a layer of sugar on your teeth, attracting harmful bacteria that can land you in the dentist’s office with a cavity. Add caramel extract to your cookie recipes to satisfy your cravings instead. 

2. Beware the Crunchdentist

Whether it’s peanut brittle or almond crisps, nuts are incorporated into all kinds of cookies. The satisfying crunch they bring can harm your smile, damaging the protective enamel coating your teeth. If you wear braces, you may also experience damage to brackets or wires when biting down on a nut—requiring an emergency trip to the dentist. Instead, opt for peanut butter cookies, which have a soft consistency.

3. Maintain Your Oral Hygiene

No matter what type of sweet treat you choose to celebrate National Cookie Day with, it’s important to clean your teeth afterward. Brush and floss to get rid of any sugar. If you are snacking throughout the day—which you ideally should avoid—and can’t brush and floss, take sips of water to rinse your mouth and clear away debris.

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