It’s never too early to start thinking about your little one’s dental health. Tooth decay can affect people of all ages, including toddlers. If you take your child to the dentist regularly and understand the causes of tooth decay, you can prevent the problem.

3 Reasons Toddlers Experience Tooth Decay

1. Improper Dental Care

Your little one might not have many teeth yet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t adopt a regular oral hygiene routine and take them to the dentist regularly. Show your toddler how to brush their teeth with a small toothbrush with soft bristles and child-safe toothpaste. Teach your little one to make small circles on the teeth and gums with the toothbrush and then spit out the toothpaste in the sink. Praise your child every time they brush their teeth by themselves.

2. Poor Eating Habits

dentistWhat your toddler eats could have a big impact on their oral health. Many toddlers like to snack on crackers, cookies, and chips, which can get stuck on their teeth and attract plaque-causing bacteria. To keep your toddler’s teeth in good shape, feed them dentist approved snacks, like apples and carrots. These foods have a crunchy texture, which helps scrub food particles and plaque off teeth.

3. Going to Bed With a Bottle 

A mistake many parents make with their toddlers is letting them go to bed with a bottle. The mouth will dry out during sleep, and the liquids can stick to your child’s teeth and cause decay. If you want to give your toddler a drink before bed, always choose water.


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