For most couples, getting wedding-day ready entails months of preparation. When you say “I do,” one of the most important features will be your smile. Not only will all guests be focused on the newlyweds’ grins, but it will also be the focal point of the wedding photos you cherish for years to come. If you have any dental problems you’d like to address before the big day, the following cosmetic dentistry solutions can help.  

A Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry for Weddings

How Can You Achieve a Vivid, Bright Smile?

One of the simplest and most popular cosmetic dentistry options for brides and grooms is professional teeth whitening. Typically, dental offices provide either in-office or at-home treatments, though you may be able to choose from either style. With at-home whitening, customized trays will be provided, which you can wear at your convenience. For in-office whitening, a powerful active agent is applied to noticeably brighten the teeth and remove surface stains.

cosmetic dentistryBecause they’re performed under the care of dental experts, both options are stronger than store-bought whitening kits and will yield better results for your special day. Schedule in-office whitening at least two days before your nuptials, as you may need to avoid certain foods and beverages to prevent staining in the time following the treatment. For take-home treatments, allow for at least a month before your wedding. To ensure the brightest results, try to schedule either within 60 days of the event.

What’s the Best Way to Address Other Imperfections?

If you have minor imperfections, such as a small crack or fracture in any teeth, a crown may be used to address the issue. Crowns are small caps which are placed over the tooth and work well for a single weakened, discolored, or otherwise damaged tooth.

For widespread smile impurities, such as deep stains, minor misalignments, gaps, or other cosmetic concerns, veneers are another popular cosmetic dentistry option used to achieve a stunning, uniform smile. These porcelain caps can be applied to all teeth and allow the entire smile to maintain a movie star quality of perfection. Inquire about crowns at least a few months before your wedding, or schedule veneers for two to three months in advance.


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