Any dentist will tell you that halitosis is more common in children than you may realize. Halitosis is inconvenient and uncomfortable at any age, but children are still learning how to develop into healthy, well-adjusted adults. Learn more about how to help your child treat and avoid halitosis if it becomes an issue.

What Are the Symptoms & Causes of Halitosis in Children?

Because their immune systems are still developing, children sometimes get sick more easily than adults. If they get a cold or sinus infection, their nasal passages will be blocked, forcing them to breathe through their mouths. Untreated cavities and gum infections can cause foul odors, or perhaps your child requires medication that reduces saliva flow. Children between the ages of five and fifteen are most likely to suffer from tonsillitis, too. Any of these issues would dry out your child’s mouth, causing halitosis. 

dentistIt’s also possible that your child has simply been eating a lot of foods that tend to create bad breath, like onions or garlic. Maybe they’re just not brushing or flossing enough to get rid of all the food particles left behind from their meals, so they’re now rotting and attracting bacteria. 

How Can Halitosis Be Treated in Children?

Eating well, brushing and flossing thoroughly and regularly, and possibly rinsing their mouth with antimicrobial mouthwash is the surest and easiest way to prevent halitosis. Other than that, if your child’s diet and dental hygiene routines don’t seem to be causing it, and you’re not sure what else could be the culprit, a trip to the dentist may be warranted. They may need to treat gum disease or cavities or prescribe medical toothpaste or mouthwash.

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