If you want to maintain a healthy smile, flossing is significantly helpful. Still, many people floss incorrectly or skip it because they assume it is challenging and time-consuming. However, flossing helps to prevent cavities, gum disease, and other complications. Below are a few tips that dentists recommend to help you start flossing better.

How to Floss Correctly

1. Be Patient

Take your time when flossing; never force the floss between your teeth, or you might irritate or cut the tissue. Instead, carefully work the floss back and forth until it slips into place. Pull the strand into a C-shape around your tooth and gently guide it along the surface and gumline to dislodge any particles, then do the same on the adjacent tooth. Pull up to remove the floss and move to the next one.

2. Try Alternatives

dentistIf struggling with string floss is the reason you’re not flossing, there are other options that will make the process easier. For example, water-jet flossers provide the same benefits as a traditional string and you can maneuver them easily. Dental picks allow you to hold a plastic stem to move the floss around your mouth without issue, and they are disposable like regular floss. Ask your dentist about the products that they recommend and how to use them for the best results.

3. Keep Floss Handy

While flossing in the morning or night is helpful, you should use it more often. You never know when you may need to remove food from your teeth, and having some around allows you to do so. Purchase a small travel case of string floss or toss a few disposable picks into your bag when you leave the house. You can use these in the bathroom after a work lunch or while at dinner so that food doesn’t stick in your mouth and lead to embarrassment, bad breath, or plaque.


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