Often, kids are anxious about visiting the dentist for the first time. While you may explain to them how the appointment will go, until your little one is in the chair, they cannot understand what will happen next. However, there fun ways to prepare children who are scared, and below are several of these strategies.

How to Ease Your Child’s Fears About the Dentist

1. Schedule a Field Trip

Often, children become frightened because they do not know what to expect from the experience. Alleviate these concerns by visiting the office before their checkup, such as taking them with you during your appointment. Your child can meet the dentist and staff who will walk them through what happens during their cleaning. Acclimating them to the area beforehand will help prevent fears of the unknown on the big day. 

2. Provide Reassuring Contact

dentistLet your child know that you will be right there throughout the process. Hold their hand, or if possible, let them sit in your lap as the dentist starts the oral exam. These types of reassurances can significantly reduce their feelings of anxiety. If your child still experiences fear, remain calm and continue to tell them that you will not leave them alone. 

3. Research Examples

Another effective way to prepare kids who are scared of the dentist is through books and online videos. There are many resources available that are tailored to toddlers, preschool-aged, and younger children. Choose those that are age appropriate and if possible, feature some of their favorite animated characters. These previous exposures to the dentist can help your kids understand what to expect.


With some preparation and lots of love and patience, your child can start to look forward to visiting the dentist. When they need a checkup, contact Tri-Cities Dental in Colleyville, TX. Their compassionate team will make your little one feel comfortable during their appointments. To learn more about what your child can expect during their visit, call (817) 283-3427. Visit the website for more information about their services, including routine cleanings, teeth whitening and dentures.