In today’s digital world, even the smallest companies might have employees and partners spread all over the world, using advanced networks to develop products and deliver services to customers around the clock. As a result, even a temporary interruption can cost a company thousands of dollars, which is why managed network monitoring is such a critical investment. If you’re a telecom agent or value-added reseller, learn about how to describe these services to potential clients below.

What Is Managed Network Monitoring?

Network monitoring is a suite of powerful software that continuously tracks devices on the network, data traffic patterns, and other critical parameters. For instance, the software will monitor and log data throughput, rates of error, and average response times throughout the system. If the software notices an anomaly, it'll alert IT professionals of a problem.

What Problems Can It Detect?

network monitoringBy carefully tracking network activity, monitoring systems can detect failed servers, software crashes, and even hacking attempts before most users notice anything is wrong. They can also be configured to alert IT techs before something goes wrong. For instance, they can sound an alarm when the CPU of an important router is reaching capacity, potentially putting the entire system at risk.

What Are the Benefits?

Many small businesses don't have the resources or expertise to monitor their networks 24/7, which is why managed services are so valuable. Along with cutting-edge software, they also get the benefit of an experienced IT staff who will monitor alerts and resolve issues as quickly as possible. This gives small and mid-sized companies access to the tech capabilities of major corporations at a fraction of the cost, minimizing network issues and downtime without investing in new hardware, software, or staff.


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