Digital signage helps businesses stand out from the crowd, build their brands, and fine-tune their messaging. From large, eye-catching streetside signs to in-store promotional displays, this technology is an effective advertising medium for stores across the country. Having a strong, reliable 4G LTE connection maximizes the returns on digital signage in the following ways.

How LTE Maximizes the Effectiveness of Digital Signs

1. Instant Updating

With a strong 4G LTE connection, business owners can change their messaging on a daily or even hourly basis. This gives them the power to continually innovate, draw attention to their business, and get the word out about sales and promotions. WiFi-connected signage can also be updated or changed from a remote location at the push of a button, instead of opening software on a dedicated terminal in the store.

2. More Applications for Non-Traditional Businesses

digital signageFood trucks, mobile businesses, and pop-up stores are becoming increasingly popular with entrepreneurs throughout the country. LTE-enabled digital signage allows for greater flexibility, giving even short-term pop-up shops the power to draw eyes and innovate. Since they don’t have to be tethered to a hard-wired internet connection, these devices are perfect for businesses without permanent locations.

3. Simple Applications

The best digital signage applications are easy for any trained employees to use. This eliminates some of the difficulties of hard-wired digital signs, which often require a certain level of technical expertise to operate. A fully managed LTE plan with network monitoring combines these benefits with enhanced security, protecting a business’ plan from infiltration by data thieves and hackers.


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