Almost every business, from service stations to neighborhood quick-serve restaurants, rely on data networks to power POS systems, enable communications, and deliver services. Unfortunately, this also means that a network failure can bring business to a halt, potentially resulting in thousands of dollars in losses and irate customers. Wireless failover systems automatically take over during network outages, providing a backup for when a connection fails. 

The Advantages of a Wireless Failover System

1. Affordability

What is the potential risk to your client’s business of losing connectivity?  Potentially very, very high!   Therefore, deploying a wireless failover solution using an LTE network to transmit data during outages is a much more cost-effective strategy than 1) doing nothing, 2) adding additional landlines, or 3) adding other complex infrastructure improvements.

This makes fully managed failover using LTE an especially good option for small businesses, enterprises with a high quantity of locations, or for businesses of any size that lack the resources or IT expertise to invest in more complex data backup options.

2. Remote Management 

wireless failoverThe most effective wireless failover systems are managed by MACH Networks who have specialized solutions to ensure immediate and stable connectivity resumption when primary networks fail. With highly trained experts monitoring the connection and using the most advanced solutions available, agents and VARs can deliver fully managed failover solutions so clients can stop worrying about their systems, and data usage, and focus on what they do best – running their company.

3. Reliability

Resilient LTE connectivity delivers 99.99% uptime during a network outage or a natural disaster. When the network goes down or a natural disaster strikes, your business loses up to $5,000 every minute you cannot meet the needs of your customers or clients. In fact, more than $26.5 billion in revenue is lost each year due to outages. An LTE based failover device can take over as soon as your primary connection fails, ensuring your network is always up.


 MACH Networks connects agents and VARs throughout the country with the industry’s best fully managed LTE solutions. From fully managed WWAN solutions to reliable wireless failover services, MACH provides the easy button for VARs, service providers and agents who need to compete in the new LTE WWAN world. Visit their website or LinkedIn for more information, or call (866) 972-7677 to find out how they can help you build an LTE driven WWAN practice.