The Internet of Things (IoT) covers the full range of responsive electronic equipment, from computers and sensors and many other devices that can receive and transmit data. IoT solutions are transforming the way people live, so it isn't surprising that these approaches are also revolutionizing the work-from-home experience. Below, learn a few ways the IoT enhances the daily lives and careers of remote workers and employers.

How IoT Solutions Improve Working From Home

1. Increase Remote Productivity

The IoT boosts productivity by giving workers the tools to better focus. For example, an employee can use apps and other web-based resources to conduct research. Alternatively, they can install a smart doorbell to avoid having to step away from their desk and answer the door, or they can use a smart printer or copier that'll automatically order ink cartridges when the current stock is low. These are just a few ways the IoT can support workers and help them be more productive by minimizing workday disruptions.

2. Securely Access Corporate Networks

IoT solutionsOpen communication is essential to a productive and transparent workplace. Working from home naturally presents some barriers to this free sharing of thoughts and ideas, but the IoT can keep workers better connected. For instance, a home Wi-Fi using an LTE connection allows them to stay in touch with colleagues and access office servers even when a landline broadband connection offers challenges to install. Additionally, project management apps track progress and keep everyone on the same page, highlighting priorities and streamlining workflow. Teleconferencing platforms even let multiple workers hold meetings as they would in physical offices.

3. Improve Worker Productivity

IoT devices increase the comfort of workers' home offices in a variety of ways. For example, connected cameras, office equipment, light bulbs, and even coffeemakers can be programmed to start at certain times, such as when the employee begins their day. Additionally, a smart thermostat can regulate the temperature of the space while helping save money on utility costs, and a smart speaker can play relaxing music to mask outside noise.


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