For decades, businesses across the world relied on traditional copper wires to connect customers, employees, partners and often mission critical hardware and applications. However, POTS (plain old telephone service) does not have the data bandwidth and flexibility to compete in today’s digital economy. If your clients are still working with a POTS, it’s now time to upgrade them to a more modern LTE solution.

3 Reasons to Upgrade POTS to LTE

1. POTS Is Being Phased Out

Maintaining thousands of miles of copper wire is prohibitively expensive, especially for technology that becomes more obsolete by the day. That’s why many of the country’s largest providers have already started phasing out copper networks and transferring customers to LTE solutions or other systems. Within a couple of years, copper wires will likely be discontinued entirely.

2. Rising Costs

LTE solutionsThe high maintenance costs of copper systems translate to continuously higher costs for the user. While some companies may worry about the expense of switching to fiber or LTE solutions, making the transition now could save thousands of dollars in the long term. Because LTE doesn’t require extensive infrastructure investments, businesses often see an immediate savings on telecommunications costs.

3. Enhanced Capabilities

Modern LTE solutions offer a broad range of capabilities that POTS can’t match. In addition to fast data transfer rates, LTE networks can also be used to coordinate fire alarms, digital signage, elevator communications, POS systems, and even servers. LTE also provides the speed and bandwidth necessary to take advantage of cloud-based programs and services, which old-fashioned POTS networks can not handle.


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