LTE solutions and cloud-based platforms allow companies to rapidly shift to work-from-home models, but digital security is always a concern. At first glance, mobile virtual private networks, or VPNs, may seem like ideal solutions, promising to route your data through an encrypted server before sending it on.  However, many of these services aren’t as secure as they appear, and some can compromise a user’s data.

3 Dangers of Using Free Mobile VPNs

1. Insufficient Encryption

Free or low-cost VPN apps have attracted the attention of businesses and IT departments who naturally assume these solutions work as advertised. Unfortunately, studies of hundreds of apps available in the Google Play® store revealed that a significant portion of these programs don’t encrypt data at all, while others use outdated methods that are easy to crack. 

2. Data Harvesting

lte solutionsSome VPNs are actually run by unscrupulous companies who harvest data on the traffic running through their services. Some might sell this information to marketers and other third parties, or they might pass it on to competitors or data thieves. When you use one of these services, you never know what the provider is doing with your data.

3. Malware

Some popular VPN apps contain malware that can steal your company’s data, financial information, or passwords. Some malignant programs can even harvest your devices’ processing power or the bandwidth of your LTE solutions. These resources can then be sold as services to other companies who think they’re buying space in a legitimate cloud-based platform.


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