The COVID-19 crisis has forced schools, colleges, and universities across the country to rapidly adapt to online learning. While this model does offer some attractive benefits for students, it can also strain digital infrastructures that weren’t designed to handle so much traffic. Advanced security and LTE solutions will ensure teachers, staff, and students have the access they need without exposing your network to malware and data thieves.

Why Colleges Need Greater Connectivity

At any given moment, universities may have hundreds of teachers online at the same time, delivering course material to thousands of students. While many instructors are delivering lectures from home, students and faculty alike will need to access course materials and grading systems, putting more strain on your network.

The Advantages of Advanced LTE Solutions


Modern LTE solutions are easily scaled, allowing universities to quickly adapt to changing demand. Because they deliver services wirelessly, they also don’t require massive installation costs and hardware upgrades, which many cash-strapped universities may not be able to afford.

Reliable Service

lte solutionsWith the move to online learning, a reliable connection is more critical than ever. Spotty network connections can cause video lags and dropped conference calls, which can be frustrating for both students and teachers. LTE networks can also be extended to the instructors’ home offices, providing a stronger, more reliable connection, seperated from home networks.

Advanced Security Solutions

Increased web traffic means more opportunities for data thieves to infiltrate your systems, upload malware, and steal valuable information. When combined with a private LTE, managed network monitoring reduces the risk of a data breach. These security services offer mobile authentication, allowing authorized users to access the network from anywhere.


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