As restrictions relax and offices open across the country, more employees will be packing up their home offices and returning to work. While this may increase productivity and minimize technical disruptions, it also introduces cybersecurity vulnerabilities of which businesses should be aware. Below are a few of the threats companies across the country may face and how network monitoring can protect their vital data.

3 Security Risks to Look for as Workers Return to the Office

1. Use of Personal Devices

During their months of working from home, many workers had no choice but to use their own cell phones, laptops, or tablets for work. While these devices may have the latest security software installed, you have no way of knowing whether the information they contain is properly protected.

Unfortunately, migrating work-related files and information off of these devices isn’t always possible, so companies may need to integrate these machines into their workflow. This might include more extensive network monitoring or even installing a new secure system dedicated to personal devices.

2. Unapproved Personal Software

network monitoringDuring the transition to a work-from-home model, many companies had to improvise by using available software solutions. Even if you issued work devices, your employees may have installed applications for video conferencing, messaging, mobile VPNs, and other vital functions.

These unverified third-party apps may have security flaws that leave your entire network exposed. As employees return to work, ban unapproved software, and have your IT team sanitize devices to protect your network.

3. Cybercriminals Planning Attacks

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, security analysts have noticed a dramatic rise in cyberattacks on small and medium-sized businesses. Many of these intrusions were likely exploratory, and thieves may be waiting for the right time to strike. As employees return to work and centralize data, cybercriminals who have penetrated a company’s network may decide to trigger their attacks.


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