Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers easy scalability and a wealth of features you can’t get with traditional phone networks. However, they’re vulnerable to network crashes that can bring even the most successful companies to a screeching halt. Below are a few reasons wireless failover is essential for any business that relies on VoIP technology.

Why You Need a Backup for Your VoIP

1. Avoid Data Loss

VoIP systems compile detailed call logs, which your business might use to monitor usage and handle customer service requests. Many advanced platforms also include file transfer functions, allowing your employees to coordinate quickly with partners and customers around the globe.

Without a wireless failover solution, which kicks in automatically if your regular internet service goes down, you might lose all of this vital data. A backup system using LTE or satellite keeps everything working smoothly, preserving the data you, employees, and customers need.

2. Maintain Revenue Streams

wireless failoverIf your business processes transactions over the phone, even a temporary outage could result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue. In these situations, a wireless or satellite failover solution can pay for itself in a matter of minutes, allowing your clients to transact until your primary connection is restored.   See how a popular quick-service restaurant benefited.

3. Reinforce Critical Infrastructure

Today’s businesses rely on a sophisticated network of technology, so you need a plan B and C for every mission-critical piece of your infrastructure. Investing in wireless or satellite failover for your VoIP system is just as important as redundant servers and regular backups of essential software. If something does go wrong, these extremely reliable backups will keep your business from being completely disabled.


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