4G technology made so many features of the modern world possible, but the coming 5G revolution promises to be even more transformative. Next-generation remote connectivity will offer incredible advantages with applications that may not even be possible today. Here are a few differences between today’s 4G and the 5G technology of tomorrow.

What’s the Difference Between 4G & 5G?

1. Speed

When it was first introduced, 4G was remarkably fast, up to 500 times faster than its 3G predecessor. 5G promises to repeat that feat, increasing speeds up to 100 times more than 4G. With these speeds, users will be able to download gigabytes of data in mere seconds.

5G remote connectivity will revolutionize almost every industry. For instance, warehouses will be able to use robust internet of things (IoT) applications to automatically track inventory, fill orders, and even move products more efficiently through the facility. Streaming video and other applications with HD quality will now be possible with 5G, and will open up new avenues for communication and collaboration. And new innovative mobile applications will again flourish where speed was previously a rate-limiting factor.

2. Capacity

remote connectivityEven the fastest 4G connection can slow to a crawl if too many devices are attempting to use the network at the same time. 5G will have dramatically higher capacity, much like doubling the available lanes on a highway.

The higher capacity will make it possible for networks to handle much more data without lags and slowdowns, making an incredible variety of innovative solutions possible, including self-driving cars and new AI.

3. Latency

Latency is one component of speed that can dramatically impact the efficiency of remote connectivity solutions. It measures the time it takes for devices to communicate with each other and central servers. 5G reduces latency to nearly zero, making communication nearly instantaneous.


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