Analog connectivity is becoming obsolete as more useful and efficient digital options develop. The plain old telephone system (POTS) is experiencing a rapid decline since carrier maintenance costs are rapidly increasing and technology limitations grow. Many providers are discontinuing POTS and subsequently charging more for service, maintenance, and repairs. However, those in need of lines for mission-critical communications and support don't need to scramble. The use of 4G LTE solutions provides a safer and cost-effective replacement. 

Is 4G LTE a Viable Replacement for POTS? 

The analog era's applications weren't built with digital compatibility in mind. Many providers are offering optical fiber lines to bridge the gap, but they’re expensive. To save money and maintain the functionality of mission-critical applications, devices, and services, companies must embrace 4G LTE solutions. 

There are certain services that businesses need to always be active, like security and emergency systems.  In instances of a blackout or natural disaster, emergency calls can't be made and security systems will not respond. Other necessary devices, like fax machines and elevator communications, won't work. Businesses relying on a Point-of-Sale system or HVAC could also have their services interrupted. The disruption can lead to a staggering loss of revenue in a matter of minutes and damage the company's reputation. 

LTE solutions are more affordable and offer greater flexibility and scalability than traditional copper/analog or other alternatives. 

What is the MACH Networks’ Analog Replacement Solutions (AReS™) System? 

MACH’s AReS-1™ 

LTE SolutionsThis innovative solution uses secure and reliable LTE connectivity to route traffic to or from the PSTN to enable call completion using various encoding methods. The AReS-1 cellular/WAN/First-Net capable appliance permits connected devices to use LTE to directly replace wireline POTS service lines.  Any application functionality that requires a traditional analog dial tone-based circuit may utilize this Advanced POTS Replacement Solution for WAN connectivity.  A 24-hour capable battery provides additional reliability in local power outage situations. 

MACH’s AReS-2™ 

Bring your own SoftSwitch with AReS-2.  This enterprise-class POTS replacement solution uses a 2/4/8 port ATA along with a secure and reliable LTE router and 24-hour capable battery, to support traffic to or from the PSTN.   AReS-2 is a First-Net capable appliance that enables analog devices to use LTE connectivity to replace the copper POTS line of service directly. 

LTE solutions offer advanced reliability and security for telecom agents and VARs. Over the last 15 years, MACH Networks has developed LTE solutions that enable telecom agents and VARs to quickly and efficiently build a WWAN practice and quickly benefit their clients. Their AReS-1 and AReS-2 options offer the industry’s most innovative “easy button” to replace analog POTS lines.  For more information on their services, visit their website or call (866) 972-7677. Connect with them on LinkedIn to stay updated on all the latest LTE market developments.