Over time, dirt, mud, and weather-related stains can make a home’s siding look dull and unsightly. Professional pressure washing will help wash away grime and brighten up the exterior surfaces. Here’s how you can tell when it’s time to have this home improvement procedure done.

When Your Home Need Pressure Washing

1. Stain & Discoloration

When algae and mold start to grow on the siding, roof, and other outside surfaces, they can cause green, black, and brown stains. If not addressed, discoloration will set in and spread. When exterior areas reach this stage, it is time for a thorough pressure washing service. The best companies use high-pressure water with nozzles to completely lift and eliminate embedded stains without damaging the siding.

2. Paint Deterioration

pressure washing

The accumulation of grime on a house’s exterior can start to eat into the paint and cause chipping and flaking. If you’re considering repainting, pressure washing is ideal for getting rid of old and peeling paint. Professional technicians will be able to break up the particles and safely wash them away. What remains is a smooth, clean surface ready for fresh, new coats of paint. 

3. Rise in Energy Bills

Insulation is often placed on the exterior sides of windows, doors, and roof edges to keep unwanted air out and prevent water leaks. If the protective material is covered in mold, algae, and mud, it may affect your home’s energy costs. 

The unwanted coverings can cause inconsistent temperatures, which forces heating and cooling systems to work harder than needed. Pressure washing will remove grime from insulation so that your temperature settings and energy bills are consistent and cost-efficient, respectively. 


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