Managing or owning a commercial building is a full-time job. In addition to numerous maintenance tasks, you must also make sure the building is safe for the businesses that operate out of it. Complying with electrical codes is a major component of safe operation, but unfortunately, code violations are too common. Here are some violations to be aware of, so you can enlist an experienced electrician to help you make the proper updates. 

What Are the Most Common Electrical Code Violations?

1. Pairing New Lighting Fixtures With Old Wiring

Upgrading lighting is both a functional and cosmetic solution in business spaces. However, installing new fixtures with the same old wiring can pose an issue. 

New light fixtures can reach higher temps than the original wiring can handle, particularly if the wiring was installed prior to 1987 when temperature ratings were sometimes different. If wiring overheats, the risk of fire in the building becomes exponentially higher. While a splice box can be installed between the new fixtures and old wiring to reduce fire risk, rewiring is the best solution for optimum safety. 

2. Placing Too Many Wires in a Small Space

Electricians caution against placing more than three wires into a space measuring 7/8th inches in diameter. When too many wires occupy the same space, the constant friction causes their protective sheathing to wear down. 


Once this protective material is gone, bare wires can come into contact with each other and potentially spark a fire inside your walls. Scheduling an electrical inspection every three years can inform you of overcrowding and other issues that may go unnoticed. 

3. Using the Wrong Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers perform a crucial function. When a circuit is overloaded, the breaker trips and shuts down power to prevent a shock or fire. There are different types of circuit breakers for different uses. 

When it comes to large appliances or equipment, a standard circuit breaker is usually sufficient. In areas with plumbing and appliances, such as a commercial kitchen, a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is recommended, as it shuts down the circuit quickly if an electrical appliance gets wet.


Conferring with an electrician is the best way to keep your commercial building up to code. Backed by more than 45 years of experience, Etheridge Electric Company offers electrical services to homes and businesses throughout Hahira, GA. These skilled experts repair and install all types of electrical equipment, including light fixtures and outlets, and they're fully licensed and bonded for your satisfaction. Get a free estimate today by calling (229) 794-2148. Learn more about their services by visiting the website