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Tomah Wrecker & Repair, LLC

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9067 Eureka Rd, Tomah, WI 54660

About Tomah Wrecker & Repair, LLC

Standing on the side of the road with a dead battery or a deflated tire can leave you feeling low yourself—until you realize the towing service provided by Tomah Wrecker & Repair, LLC is here to help. This Wisconsin-based towing company has been in the community for over 50 years, helping damaged and downtrodden vehicles get off the side of the road and back into their proper lane.

Whether you need heavy duty towing or a jump start, the truck drivers and mechanics at Tomah Wrecker & Repair, LLC can fix most issues at your location, getting you on your way faster. This towing company offers automotive support not just for roadside assistance, but auto repair as well for those jobs they can’t finish then and there. Add that to their 24/7 emergency towing and there’s not a vehicle they can’t service back to operational.

Find your vehicle’s way back to the road with Tomah Wrecker & Repair, LLC, one of the best towing companies in Monroe County. Discover more about their services by calling (608) 372-2550 today.


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"A BIG shout out to Troy and his dad for helping me when I broke down on the highway. They were so kind and friendly. Troy was able to get parts and fix my vehicle the next day so I could get back on the road!"... more
- Sue Anderson [Facebook, May 4, 2021]