Some are familiar with the term “handcrafted cocktails,” while others are unsure about its meaning. Understanding what goes into these signature drinks can provide spirit enthusiasts with an entirely new world of possibilities. Here’s a helpful guide for insight into why this drink style is so unique.

Guide to Handcrafted Cocktails

Drinks Are Customized

cocktailsThe biggest distinction between handcrafted cocktails and pre-prepared drinks is that all the elements of a craft drink are customized. Careful consideration of glassware, ingredients, and preparation combine to create a tailored drink suited to one’s preferences. For example, if you love Sangria but don’t want to order the typical house wine variety, you can opt for a handcrafted beverage that allows you to select a wine and flavor profile of your choosing.

Ingredients Are Fresh

Like food, the taste of a beverage is affected by the quality of ingredients. Unlike standard cocktails that contain pre-packaged mixes or preservative-heavy ingredients, a handcrafted drink could contain fresh herbs, fruits, and juices. Most craft cocktail experts source their ingredients from local markets, farms, and specialty growers.

Experience Something New

Enjoying a handcrafted cocktail is about indulging in the experience of the drink. Bartenders who prepare handcrafted cocktails are incredibly knowledgeable, experienced in mixology, and can offer suggestions based on your taste preferences. Trust the mixologist, be open-minded, and have fun experimenting with several different craft cocktails. You might surprise yourself with the combination you end up liking.


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