A new driver has different needs in a vehicle than someone who is financially independent and has more experience. If your child is ready for their first car, you can help them make a responsible and cost-effective choice. Before you head to the car dealer, go over these guidelines with your teen, so you both know what you’re looking for.

Recommendations for Teen Drivers

Buy Used

Your child’s first car should be inexpensive, easy to insure, and replaceable. This is because the risk of accidents is higher for new drivers. A used car is immediately more affordable than a new one, and most insurance companies will offer you a much better deal on coverage.

Go Basic

Car DealerFor similar reasons, your teen shouldn’t be looking for a sports car or other dream vehicle when visiting the car dealer. Instead, choose a simple vehicle in good condition. Don’t worry about what it looks like; they can trade it in for a more attractive or exciting car after getting more experience behind the wheel.

Think About Safety Features

While older cars are often more affordable, make sure the car is still recent enough to have up-to-date seat belts and airbags. Opt for a mid-sized vehicle; larger vehicles are difficult to control with precision, while compact cars sustain more damage in an accident and are riskier to drive.

Check the Service Record

Aside from being safe, you want your teen’s car to be reliable, so they won’t need to pay for frequent repairs or deal with breakdowns. Look for certified pre-owned vehicles which have been checked out and refurbished as needed by the dealership. Ask the car dealer for a full vehicle history before making a decision.


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