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One frequently asked question is about the right time of year to mulch and the proper technique in doing so. Many people think that the main work of gardening is over once the fall starts and leaves begin to fall, but that's not the case. While you can apply it year-round, fall is a crucial season for mulching, and here’s why:

  • Weed Suppression: Proper mulching can almost eliminate the need for weeding, chemicals, and cultivating. Weeds that come up under mulch won’t get the light they need, and they’ll wither away. When you’re spreading mulch, make it thick enough that light can’t get through.
  • Soil Temperature: This benefit is key during this time of year when the temperature tends to vary dramatically from day to day. Mulch is a proven insulator, which means that it protects soil and plants from being affected by those big variations in weather. It keeps the soil cool on warm days and warm on cold days. 

  • Moisture Retention: A thick layer of mulch can keep the soil below healthy with nutrients and moisture while keeping it from becoming muddy. Fall can be a rainy season, so it’s key to trap some of that moisture for your garden.

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