Many bars feature a variety of games to play with friends, including darts. Knowing the proper throwing stance and technique when engaging in this popular pub activity can enhance your skills and help you enjoy the competition. Here are some tips for improving your overall game. 

How to Refine Your Darts Skills

1. Limit Movement 

Keeping your body still improves accuracy. If you lunge or lean forward, lift a leg, or move your throwing arm too much, your balance will be thrown off. 

Keep your feet on the floor and only move your forearm, wrist, and fingers for precise control. Be mindful of movements so that you can retain a solid stance. 

2. Line Up Centered With the Dartboard


Locate a spot on the floor that lines up with the center of the dartboard. Some bars may have a toe line (oche) that aligns with the center. When playing the game, the official distance from the oche to the throwing line is 7 feet, 9 1/4 inches from the board’s face. 

3. Stand With Your Throwing Side First

While it may feel more natural to face the board with a full forward stance, standing with your throwing side first will improve precision. For example, if you’re right-handed, stand with your ride side toward the board. Your right foot should be against the toe line and your right knee should be upright with minimal bending. 

Meanwhile, place your left foot behind the right, shoulder-width apart. This stance keeps your whole body in alignment when throwing and limits sideways arm movement.

4. Stand at an Angle

Some experts recommend standing sideways so that your feet are parallel, with your throwing foot forward. However, this may prove challenging for beginners. 

Instead, align your torso and shoulders so that you’re standing at an angle between 45 and 90 degrees. Shoulders should stay even and parallel to the ground. The goal is to find a comfortable angle that still allows for consistent throws.


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