Chainsaws can be vital parts of your lawn equipment collection, but do you know the crucial parts of a chainsaw? Understanding the main components can help you check these parts for damage and understand what’s needed for a repair. Below are several crucial components of a chainsaw.

What Are the Important Pieces of a Chainsaw?

1. The Chain

The chain itself includes the saw teeth, which do the cutting, and the rakers, which control the depth of the cut. As the teeth get worn down, the rakers will need to be moved to expose more of the teeth to ensure a quality cut. The chain also includes the tie strap, which holds everything together, the guide bar that guides the chain, and the drive links on the chain, which fit into the guide bar.

2. Chain Brake

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The chain brake is a crucial safety feature on any chainsaw. It’s designed to stop the lawn equipment when it experiences kickback, which is where the chain catches on something, creating a jolt that can send the cutting part of the saw back towards the user. If this happens, the chain brake turns the equipment off to prevent or minimize injury to the user.

3. Muffler

A muffler is another feature designed with operator safety in mind. Similar to mufflers on cars, a chainsaw’s muffler dampens noise created by the lawn equipment, protecting your hearing. It does this by using the sound waves to muffle or eliminate each other.

4. Throttle

The throttle determines fuel flow to the cylinders to control the speed of the chainsaw’s teeth. If you apply more pressure to the throttle, more fuel will be used to make the teeth spin faster. If you release the throttle completely, the chainsaw will stop. The throttle can only be pressed if the throttle interlocked is pressed down, as a safety precaution.

5. Air Filter 

Your chainsaw uses an air filter to prevent sawdust, wood fibers, and other debris from circulating throughout the chainsaw, including in its combustion chamber. The air filter should be replaced periodically (following manufacturer guidelines) to avoid it getting clogged, which can lower efficiency and cause excessive wear.


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