If you're tired of manually cleaning leaves off your property, investing in a leaf blower is the perfect solution. This piece of outdoor power equipment will save you hours of important time by rapidly and efficiently cleaning dead leaves from your yard. Before you make a purchase, educate yourself about the three different types of leaf blowers available to homeowners.

The 3 Most Popular Types of Leaf Blowers

1. Handheld 

Gas-powered handheld leaf blowers are self-contained and do not require charging. They are simple to operate and come equipped with a pull-cord starter. However, gasoline-powered engines do require routine maintenance. They are more powerful and louder than their electric counterparts. They are normally around ten pounds in weight. Two-stroke models run on a blend of fuel and oil, whereas four-stroke models run only on fuel.

2. Backpack 

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A backpack blower is a better alternative for large yards and lengthy, leafy drives. The air production, measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), is significantly higher than that of handheld devices. They have a higher MPH rating as well. To move enormous mounds of leaves, air volume is a far more important element than MPH. When compared to a handheld blower, a backpack blower may produce over twice the volume of air.

Backpack gas leaf equipment can weigh anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds, making it twice as heavy as handheld equipment. They also have a bendable hose that connects the backpack to their lengthy extension tubes, which makes getting to those hard-to-reach locations a breeze.

3. Corded 

Consider a corded electric blower if you need to operate your leaf blower for more than an hour or want greater power from your outdoor power equipment. These machines are more powerful than cordless ones, but they do require an outlet. They're also quite light, weighing around eight pounds. Corded blowers are also appropriate for smaller yards due to their limited range.


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