Going through civil litigation can be a costly, time-consuming, and challenging process. For this reason, many people choose to settle their personal injury claims rather than go to trial. If you’ve decided to go this route with your case, you must be properly prepared to navigate negotiations with the other party. Here are a few tips to help you get ready for a successful settlement discussion. 

What to Do Before Negotiating a Personal Injury Settlement

1. Hire an Attorney 

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Working with an attorney will significantly improve your odds of getting the settlement offer you deserve. They’ll put together a strong case on your behalf by conducting a thorough investigation into the cause of your injuries and talking with experts who can help substantiate your claim. They’ll also have negotiation experience that lets them anticipate the other side’s arguments and devise different strategies to counter-argue for a larger settlement. 

2. Determine the Value of Your Claim 

Before entering negotiations, it’s essential to know exactly what your personal injury claim is worth and the lowest amount you’re willing to accept. Having this information will help prevent you from agreeing to a settlement that’s much lower than you’re entitled to. This is another benefit of hiring an attorney, as they’ll calculate the value of all your losses and come up with a reasonable figure to present to the at-fault party. 

3. Gather & Organize Evidence 

Since the other side will be looking to pay as little as possible, you’ll need sufficient evidence to support your claim. Keep an organized record of all your doctor appointments, medical bills, pay stubs, witness testimonies, photographs of the incident, and any other documents relevant to your case. You should have copies of these available to hand over during negotiations to help prove your losses.


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