Participating in a sport as a child isn’t just a fun way to spend free time. Athletic activities like kid’s tennis lessons are an important way to boost mental and physical health. Here are just a few of the abilities you could see your child develop after joining a junior tennis club.

How Are Kid’s Tennis Lessons Beneficial?

1. Improved Coordination

Tracking tennis balls through the air helps develop hand-eye coordination. As kids run around the court and swing their rackets, they also improve gross muscle coordination. 

In the more advanced stages of the sport, specialized shots and techniques hone fine muscle movements. Because tennis requires children to regularly engage in all of these motions, they’ll end up with better balance and the ability to move with precision.

2. Stronger Hearts

kid's tennis lessons

Regular exercise can strengthen the cardiovascular system, improving circulation, endurance, and blood pressure. Signing up for tennis lessons can help children build healthy exercise habits that will last a lifetime. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, even young children should be encouraged to exercise daily. Moving around the court keeps activity levels high for sustained periods, satisfying this need. 

3. Mental Sharpness

Tennis requires strategic thinking and mental agility. Because of the focus required, it’s thought to cause new mental pathways to develop. In turn, these connections could facilitate future learning. 

The sport’s fast pace is known to trigger cell production in the hippocampus, which is the portion of the brain used for learning and memory. Tennis is also linked to improved mental health in the form of higher levels of self-esteem and optimism.


To sign your child up for kid’s tennis lessons, contact LifeSport Athletic Club. They offer multiple camps and programs at their two convenient locations in Libertyville and Lincolnshire, IL. During class, your child will enjoy personalized attention from professional coaches as well as fun social interaction. Call (847) 362-5553 to reserve a slot today. You can read more about the tennis programs they offer online.