Tick and flea control is essential to maintaining your pet’s health. These nasty critters can infect cats and dogs with various diseases, from worms to Ehrlichia and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Some ailments, like Lyme disease, can also impact humans. Safeguarding against ticks and fleas is in the interest of your entire family—four-legged and two-legged alike.

FAQs: Flea & Tick Prevention

How Can Ticks & Fleas Be Prevented?

A monthly medicated treatment for tick and flea control is the best solution. In the past we only had topical treatments. We now recommend oral medication to eliminate fleas and ticks from dogs as they are more effective.  Proper grooming, including regular baths and a clean coat, are also important. Matted fur can conceal bugs from view and make them harder to detect.

Can Cats & Dogs Use The Same Preventative Products?

No. Cats and dogs metabolize medications differently. Certain ingredients in products labeled for dogs, such as permethrin, can be harmful or even fatal to your cat.

Are Fleas & Ticks Only Active When It’s Warm?

Don’t assume that your flea and tick problem is done just because summer is coming to an end. Ticks can be active as long as ground temperatures are above 45 degrees.  We need several hard freezes for fleas and ticks to become dormant until spring. Fleas can live inside our homes year around..

How Can You Check for Fleas & Ticks?

If you suspect your pet is being pestered by parasites, stop into our office for a flea comb. For ticks, you will have to manually search through your pet’s fur, feeling for bumps and looking for them visually.

What if My Pet Has Ticks or Fleas?

flea controlIt your pet has a tick, you can use tweezers or a handheld tick removal tool (shown to the right). You can find these specially made devices at our office that will hook and twist the insect, so that no part gets left behind.

Fleas can be addressed by oral medication (monthly or every 3 months) or topically applied medications. For help with your furry friend’s tick and flea control needs, put your trust in Dr. Douglas Foreman and Dr. Roberta Mauro of Cherry Hill Dog & Cat Hospital. Located in Elkton, MD, this animal clinic was voted the best veterinary facility in Cecil County three years in a row. Their knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art facilities ensure your pet gets the skilled care they deserve. Get a full overview of their services online. For an appointment, call (410) 398-1331.