Trips to the veterinarian can take a toll on your cat. Unfamiliar environments and people can cause anxiety. Therefore it’s important to ease their nerves. Veterinarian visits are essential to their health. Use the following tips to reduce their stress.

How to Make Vet Visits Less Stressful for Your Cat

1. Get Them Comfortable With the Carrier & Car

For your safety and your cat’s protection it is important to bring your cat in a cat carrier. A lot of stress comes from the trip to the animal hospital rather than the appointment. In the weeks prior to the exam, get your cat comfortable with their carrier. Coax them in with toys and treats, and then leave them alone to relax.  Just leave the carrier out with the door open or off so they can get used to it and even go in on their own. You can try closing the door and then picking the carrier up as they become more comfortable.  It is important to have a large enough carrier.  The one you used for your kitten may not work for your adult cat unless it was a larger one initially.  The carriers that open from the top are usually easier to get your furry friend in and out of the carrier.  Recently someone used two clothes baskets tied together to transport their pet.  This worked well for this cat as he had plenty of room and could see out of the baskets.  Occasionally people have brought cats into the office in a pillow case. The main thing is that your cat is as comfortable as possible.   

veterinarianNext, place the carrier in the car. Allow your cat to sit and get comfortable. Gradually work toward turning the car on, driving around the block, and then going on extended trips. When it comes time for their trip to the vet, they’ll be much more comfortable.

2. Bring Treats & Toys

The waiting room can be stressful, so bring along toys for your cat. You can give them something to gnaw in their carrier, or hold them. Bring their favorite treats and shower them in praise when they behave well. They’ll begin to make positive associations with the veterinarian’s office.

3. Ask About Medication

If stress is a serious problem for your cat, ask their veterinarian about calming medications. They may prescribe a light sedative or antianxiety medication to help your cat calm down. 



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