FIRST  AND FOREMOST  DOGS AND CATS DO NOT GET NOR CARRY  COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS.  There has been a dog coronavirus for over 40 years which causes vomiting and diarrhea especially in puppies. However it is NOT the COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS which a human respiratory virus.  DOGS DO NOT GET NOR CARRY COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS.  Veterinarians and pet care professionals recommend walking your dogs at least once per day and allowing them to spend plenty of time playing outdoors. We should be able to walk our dogs outside and still practice social distancing. However, if you are uncomfortable going out or if you live in a home without a yard or an area of town that’s dangerous for pedestrians, you might find it challenging for your pups to get enough exercise. Fortunately, there are several ways you can keep your canines active indoors, as detailed in the following helpful guide. 

4 Inside Activities for Dogs

1. Stair Runs

If you live in a home or apartment complex that has stairs, take your dog walking up and down them. For extra exercise, stay at the top, and throw a ball or chew toy down the stairs for your pup to fetch and bring back up to you.

2. Treadmill

If you own a treadmill, train your dog to walk on it. Start on the lowest setting to get your pup comfortable, and reward them with treats for staying on the belt. Use your pup’s leash to help guide them, but don’t tie it to the machine, as this may cause accidents and injuries. 

3. Inside Games

veterinarianTug and fetch are easy games to play in indoor areas without much space. If you have a garage or basement, consider clearing out part of the area for an inside dog run.

Allow your pups to play chase by attaching a plush toy to the end of a rope and dragging it throughout your residence. Set up an indoor obstacle course using hula hoops, cones, tubes, and A-frame ramps. You  can play hide and seek by hiding pieces of kibble around the house for your dog to find.  How about a game of tag with your dog?                   It is important for ourselves and our pets to stay active during this stressful time.

Friendly Public Spaces

If you can’t walk your pups safely in your neighborhood and don’t live near a dog park, take them to pet-friendly spaces. For instance, going to the pet supply store and walking your dog through the aisles will offer indoor exercise. If there is a small patio or area in your apartment building, set up a few games for your pup.


Keep your canines healthy and happy with the help of the veterinarians at Cherry Hill Dog & Cat Hospital.  We are still open to help with your pet care needs. We offer physical exams, Xrays,blood and urine tests, vaccinations, dental care, flea control, and surgery to dogs and cats throughout the Elkton, MD, region. Call (410) 398-1331 to make an appointment with a veterinarian and visit the website to learn more about their doctors, certifications, and services.