Halloween can be a fun time for the whole family—including your pets. However, this holiday may present unique safety issues. Families that are careful can enjoy their favorite traditions without worrying about an emergency trip to the veterinarian. Keep these tips in mind for a safe and fun Halloween. 

How to Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween

1. Keep Candy Out of Reach 

Halloween candies include chocolate and xylitol, both of which can be toxic when consumed by animals. Avoid giving any to your pets, and be sure to keep the stash in places they can’t reach. Keep an eye on the candy bowl all night and store any leftovers in sealed containers.

2. Avoid Ill-Fitting Costumes

Some people enjoy putting their dogs and cats in cute costumes on Halloween, and some pets don’t mind it either. Just make sure the clothes fit properly.

A costume that’s too small could constrict their movement, and one that’s too large could present tripping hazards. Additionally, if your pet seems stressed while wearing a costume, remove it immediately.

3. Keep Them Away From Open Doors

veterinarianMany families sit inside on Halloween night and open the front door each time trick-or-treaters come to visit. However, this could allow your dog or cat to slink outside and escape.

Make sure your pet is wearing a collar that states your name, number, and address so they can be brought back if found. To avoid this issue altogether, keep your furry family member in a room away from open doors. 

4. Move Candles

Many people put candles in carved out pumpkins or other Halloween decor. However, your pet could get burned or cause a fire by knocking them over with their tail.

Keep candles outside or put them in a high spot where they can’t be reached. If your pets love climbing on tall furniture, avoid lighting candles altogether unless you’re in the room at all times.


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