Basement renovation can seem like a daunting project. However, when you have a trusted contractor, there are a few steps that you can take before the remodel to help ensure a smooth and timely process.

How to Prepare

1. Clean Thoroughly

Remove everything that you can from the basement. This will help ensure that nothing is in the way of the remodeling crew. It will also give you an excellent excuse to get rid of anything that you no longer need. Basements tend to be one of the most cluttered areas in a house. Renovations are a great time for a yard sale.

2. Check for Water Issues

A basement renovation should last a long time but can be jeopardized when there is an already existing water issue. Examine the foundation walls for any cracks that can be fixed. If you do not have a vapor barrier installed, which protects the walls from moisture, talk to your contractor about having one installed or upgrading the one that you currently have if it is older.

basement renovation

Remember to also focus on the outside of your house. Slope soil away from the foundation, and install gutters that avoid directly draining onto the foundation.

3. Remember Permits

Talk to your contractor about what kinds of permits are required for your remodel. The type of permit will be based on state and city zoning laws, as well as the size and extent of your remodel. Your city or town office will be the place you need to go to obtain the permit. 

4. Take Drop Ceilings Into Account

If a drop or suspended ceiling is part of the basement renovation plan, you will need to consider the height difference when picking out new furniture. Check with your contractor about the exact dimensions of the new ceiling, and plan any additions or furniture with that height in mind. 


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