Many homeowners emphasize heating and cooling maintenance but often forget about their air ducts. These pathways are crucial to circulating air, which is why it’s wise to schedule regular duct cleaning. It can provide several health benefits, so consider the following.

3 Benefits of Home Duct Cleaning

1. Reducing Allergens

A lot of allergens can get drawn into your ductwork from the outside heating and cooling unit. Pollen, for example, will settle and then circulate throughout your home. This can make it impossible for family members with allergies to relax. Pet hair and dander can also get drawn in and create similar issues.

2. Reducing Fire Risks

duct-cleaning-Little-Rock-ARDirty ducts make it easy for fires to spread from room to room because they contain debris that can be ignited. Lint and other flammable materials may also lead to fires from electrical sparks. During a duct cleaning, HVAC professionals will use a vacuum tube system to remove all the particles that have built up.

3. Better Air Quality

Ducts are home to dirt, debris, and general buildup. In worse cases, there may be rodent feces, insect casings, and other unsanitary items. All of these can taint the air that passes through. You may experience cold-like symptoms, especially if mold grows in your ducts. This reaction can be life-threatening to family members with asthma and weak immune systems.


There’s no replacement for the peace of mind and health perks a duct cleaning provides. Since 1972, residents of the Little Rock, AR, area have turned to Steve Hester & Sons, LLC. These professionals have over 72 years of combined experience and handle everything from A/C repair and installation to home electrical work. Call (501) 941-5119 to schedule an HVAC technician, and visit their website to learn more about their company.