Auto accidents happen quickly, so drivers may not always know why they were involved in a crash—or who or what was to blame. Many factors can create hazardous conditions, but with proper preparation, collisions can often be avoided. Here are four common reasons for auto collisions. 

What Causes an Auto Accident?

1. Alcohol or Drug Use 

In 2019, an estimated 59% of traffic fatalities in Hawaii were linked to impaired driving due to alcohol or drug use. Getting behind the wheel while drunk or using illicit substances—such as marijuana, prescription painkillers, or cocaine—can drastically reduce a driver’s reaction time and judgment. As a result, motorists under the influence have a greater likelihood to cause accidents by missing hazards or driving recklessly.  

2. Distracted Driving 

To drive safely, a motorist must always keep their eyes on the road so they can observe posted signs and react to hazards. That’s why Hawaii law prohibits drivers from using mobile devices when they’re behind the wheel. If a driver is texting or on the phone, they can miss cues to stop, yield, turn, or slow down, potentially leaving them liable for any resulting auto accidents. 

3. Weather Conditions 


Tropical storms in Hawaii can leave roads slick and reduce visibility, greatly increasing the likelihood of accidents. While a driver did not create these conditions, they can be held responsible for a collision they cause during adverse weather. To avoid crashes, drivers should stay off the road until conditions improve. If they must drive, motorists should reduce their speed and adjust their headlights accordingly. 

4. Speeding 

When drivers adhere to posted speed limits, they should have enough time to come to a safe stop if they maintain a proper following distance. Exceeding the limit, however, drastically reduces a driver’s ability to slow or stop, particularly when hazards are present. And the faster a car is going at the time of a collision, the worse the potential personal injuries and vehicle damage will be.   


While there are many steps you can take to prevent the common causes of auto accidents, some collisions may be outside your control—especially if another motorist is at fault. In these situations, Charles H. Brower and Associates, A Law Corporation in Honolulu, HI, can help you seek out proper compensation for personal injury and other related losses. Serving clients on Oahu, these attorneys are adept at navigating Hawaii’s driving laws, establishing liability for collisions, and seeking fair settlements from insurance companies. To learn more, visit the law firm online. If you’d like to schedule a convenient consultation to discuss your case with a compassionate attorney, call (808) 526-2688.