In a climate-controlled storage unit, the interior temperature of the space is monitored and adjusted as needed to ensure items are protected against extreme cold or heat. While many belongings can be stored without regard to temperature, there are certain items that should always be stored in an environment with climate control capabilities. Three of these items are discussed below.

What to Store in a Climate-Controlled Unit

1. Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is sturdy, durable, and designed to last for years, and storing it in a climate-controlled facility will enhance these benefits. Wood is sensitive to moisture, and warm, humid air can penetrate your furniture and warp or rot the wood. Your pieces will be better protected from damp air in a climate-controlled unit. For added protection, wrap wood items securely in plastic or bubble wrap.

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2. Electronics

Televisions, computers, and other electronic equipment are vulnerable to temperature changes. Extremely hot environments can melt various components, and very cold settings can cause freezing and cracking. If possible, store electronic items in their original boxes. Otherwise, keep objects in individual boxes slightly larger than their dimensions, and pack antistatic wrap or foam around screens and bubble wrap around the sides, top, and bottom.

3. Leather Goods

Exposure to extreme heat or cold will dry out leather items, causing them to lose suppleness and crack. Put smaller items, such as clothing, in bags before placing them in the storage unit. For a piece of leather furniture, you should provide an extra layer of temperature and moisture protection by placing the item on a wood pallet to encourage airflow and prevent mold. Also, cover the piece with a soft fabric cover rather than plastic or bubble wrap to promote healthy circulation, minimize mold risk, and shield the furniture from the elements.


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