For your septic system to function properly, it needs routine care and service, including septic cleaning and pumping. When scheduling septic service, you should understand the various options to ensure you meet the system's needs. For example, many homeowners aren't familiar with the differences between septic pumping and cleaning. Review this brief guide to learn more about these two services. 


Septic pumping is a routine maintenance service that should be performed every three to five years to keep the system in good shape. During a pumping session, some of the tank's contents are emptied, balancing the system's ecosystem and preventing it from getting overloaded. 

A routine pumping schedule allows the system to break down waste faster and more effectively, and it keeps the risk of backups and leaking waste to a minimum. You may need more frequent pumping appointments if your household produces excess waste or the tank is too small. 


septic cleaning

Cleaning should be performed when your system experiences issues, such as sewage backups, drain field issues, or frequent clogs. This service may also be necessary if the tank hasn’t been pumped as recommended, allowing significant sludge to build up. 

When a tank is cleaned, all its contents are removed, including solids stuck to the bottom and sides. Cleaning resets the tank, clearing out accumulated sludge so that the system returns to maximum efficiency. After cleaning, the professionals may need to restore good bacterial content to the tank to help break down waste and solids.


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