After you’ve put in the research and found a great deal on a new car, you need to do your best to preserve that investment. One of the first car maintenance tasks to crop up will likely involve the brakes, so it helps to focus on maintaining these heavily used components. Use the following driving and inspection tips to prolong the life span of your car's brake system.

How to Preserve Your Brakes

1. Transition Gradually

The harder you are on the brakes, the faster they will deteriorate. Preserve these parts by decelerating gently. When you’re approaching a red light or a sharp turn, start coasting as early as possible. When you have no choice but to use the brakes, do so gently. Abruptly depressing the pedal will create harsh friction against the brake pads and wear away more of their surface.

2. Increase Your Following Distance

car maintenanceYou won’t have much time to slow down if there are only two car-lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you. This also means you’ll have to brake whenever the driver ahead of you does, such as to let another vehicle pass by.

Keep four to five seconds or more of stopping distance between you and the car you’re following. This will give you more than enough time to brake gently or allow you to avoid having to slow your speed altogether. It will reduce the pressure on your pads and rotors, delaying the need for car maintenance or repairs.

3. Schedule Annual Inspections

Visit a professional mechanic for a brake inspection at least once a year. They can tell you if the pads have been worn down, as well as if your brake fluid needs to be topped off or flushed and replaced. Schedule an appointment with a car maintenance professional whenever you notice something out of the ordinary. Screeching or grinding sounds and a burning or metallic odor that occurs when you brake are all signs that you need urgent brake repairs. 


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