While conventional depression treatments are effective for many people, others sometimes still find themselves mired down even after months or years on a certain care plan. Thankfully, there are many ways that you can adjust or supplement your treatment until you find what works for you. See if you can find a solution by taking the steps below. 

How to Find an Effective Depression Treatment

1. Speak With Your Doctor

It can take time for antidepressants have an effect. However, if you’re still experiencing strong symptoms six weeks after starting your regimen, it may be time to speak with your doctor or psychiatrist. If your current medication regimen is ineffective, your care provider may increase the dosage or switch you to a new medication. After the change, you’ll need to be monitored for future progress.

2. Assess Lifestyle Factors

depressionSome depression symptoms can be mitigated by changes to your daily habits. For instance, a healthy, well-balanced diet and routine exercise can have a positive impact on mood, energy, and stress levels. Consider visiting a behavioral therapist to discuss issues in your life and develop effective coping mechanisms. Ask family, friends, and other members of your support network for help as well. 

3. Consider Complementary Treatments

You may also be able to augment current treatments with the help of your doctor. For instance, some people experience success with alternative methods like acupuncture or meditation, while yoga has been found to reduce stress naturally. Supplemental rounds of medication such as ketamine therapy has also been highly successful for many patients. 


If you’re looking to enhance your current depression treatment regimen, it may be time to talk to your doctor about visiting the Ketamine Center of Connecticut. Commonly used as a treatment for chronic pain and as an anesthetic, in recent years doctors have made strides using ketamine to address treatment-resistant depression. Therapy can be provided alongside conventional regimens in a safe and controlled office environment. Call (203) 701-6388 today to speak to someone at this Milford, CT, clinic about finding an effective solution. Visit the website to learn more about ketamine infusion therapy and how it works.