Snap-in dentures are an excellent way to restore your smile if you need to replace missing or damaged teeth. Unlike traditional dentures, this variety uses dental implants within your jawbone to secure the replacement teeth. If you would like to improve your smile, here are some ways you can benefit from snap-in dentures.

4 Benefits of Snap-In Dentures

1. Stability

Because the artificial teeth are connected to dental implants or screws within the jaw, there is less chance for the dentures to slip. One of the issues many people have with traditional replacement teeth is that they are not always secure within the mouth. They can loosen as you eat, smile, or talk, possibly leading to embarrassment or a lack of confidence. With snap-in dentures, you can be sure your teeth will remain firmly in place.

2. Prevent Bone Loss

dental implants

Losing one or more teeth can create problems within the jaw bone, causing deterioration beneath the missing tooth's space. Neighboring teeth can also shift over time and promote additional bone loss. The dental implants that support snap-in dentures remedy this issue by stimulating the jaw's bone growth and preserving its health and structure.

3. Natural-Looking Replacement Teeth

Snap-in dentures have a natural appearance. Unlike traditional dentures, these are not bulky or prone to slippage. They stay securely in place to give you a lovely smile without any noticeable bulging or shifting. With these replacement teeth, you can smile with confidence.

4. Easier Chewing

A drawback to traditional dentures is that eating is sometimes problematic. If the artificial teeth are not secure, they can push out of place as you bite and chew. For instance, harder foods like apples or corn on the cob may cause an unstable denture to shift. However, snap-in dentures improve your bite's strength, allowing you to eat tougher foods with ease. 


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